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Brands still failing to understand changes in consumer engagement, claims Credico South Africa

2016 saw the average South African spend five hours per day ‘online’, and Credico South Africa believe brands will have to adjust how they maximise engagement opportunities with consumers as levels of undivided attention drop problematically.   

Credico South Africa Consumer Engagement Outsourced Sales Leader


The global outsourced sales and marketing firm have previously discussed how they believe human attention span has been reduced to around 8 seconds. They remain sceptical that brands are doing all they can in response to take advantage of the remaining engagement opportunities that exist where audiences are paying full attention.


Credico South Africa believes that the dearth of consumer engagement in connection with the increasingly prominent use of digital and social technology has become a global issue, not simply a national one. General Manager Theuns Bezuidenhout has a wealth of experience in spearheading customised sales solutions aimed at increasing customer acquisition, and still believes knowing what makes the customer tick is still the most efficient way to capitalise on engagement opportunities both on and offline;


Consumer attention spans have become divided across multiple channels as people continue to plug themselves into the digital world more and more regularly and in new environments,” claimed Mr. Bezuidenhout. “In response, it is up to us as marketers to really take advantage of their downtime with offline messages that resonate stronger than those they are now used to seeing online.


Credico South Africa argue that understanding consumer needs is a human talent that will not die out despite the rise of AI and technology for similar quests. This is because they believe the art of conversation is perfectly geared to understanding consumer needs. Although the seemingly infinite number of companies fighting online over similar market share has made the objective of creating customer loyalty slightly more difficult, Mr. Bezuidenhout suggests that brand experiences are key moving forward;


“Capitalise on engagement opportunities which allow consumers to experience a brand, as it makes them take time out to understand it, and ultimately become part of it.”


The firm remains concerned at the failure of brands to fully understand the change in engagement habits brought about by the increasingly habitual use of digital technology.


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