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Credico Account Manager Spotlight

Welcome to Credico’s new blog series! Each month Credico will spotlight one of our talented Account Managers and give you the inside scoop on what working at Credico is like. 

This month you’ll meet Credico’s Senior Account Manager, Samer. 

Credico account manager

Samer has been an Account Manager at Credico for over three and a half years. When he’s not at work helping to provide Credico’s clients with superior service on campaigns, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and nine month-old daughter, Amelia. You can catch Samer listening to ’90s pop/dance music, watching J-Dramas, taking sunset drives, and watching a good 1940s film-noir on TCM.

  1.  How have you seen your campaign(s) grow over the time you’ve worked on them?

Since I first came aboard to the telecommunications program in May of 2013, I have been lucky to see some extraordinary changes on this campaign. On the Consumer B2B side, the channel has evolved from a concentrated market to expanding across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Potomac regions of the United States. We have been awarded the Top Door-to-Door Dealer Award and have held onto that illustrious title for over two years. On the B2B side, we have opened the floodgates of communication with effective reporting, pioneered by Credico that became the preferred method of reporting for other vendors on the program, the campaign is now in a position to grow with the right teams that can help take it to the next level.


  1.  What does your day-to-day look like on the client services side of the coin?

Everything that I do as an Account Manager relies on effective communication. Without a seamless flow of communication, one mistake leads to countless others. Aside from addressing emails and answering calls with the client and the network of outsourced sales suppliers, I look at all outstanding items and think carefully about the best way to approach the issue and communicate feedback to the receiver. I must be able to think on my toes and handle high-level escalations.  I pride myself on providing clear, concise and creative solutions to problems rather than utilizing temporary fixes or applying the proverbial “Band-Aid”. I also work internally with each department to ensure the day-to-day is handled properly with the right people at the table from beginning to end. The importance of communication also ensures there is no slippage of information either between myself and the client or between myself and my counterparts within Credico. That taken into effect, the goal I set for myself each and every day I walk through the front door is to represent Credico with the utmost professionalism and diligence to contribute to the company’s progression toward a future of growth and success.


  1. Has there been any lessons you’ve learned along the way as a Senior AM?

The major lesson I have learned is that you never stop learning. Especially in this business. It is a dynamic and complex business that constantly changes with each new program. You have to be able to adapt and grow just as quickly. And as you grow, you find yourself learning new things. Never let your ego get in the way of accepting coaching or constructive criticism, no matter how long you have been with the company. There is always an opportunity to do things better that could alleviate extra work load or unwanted stress, and the coaching opportunities that arise could prove to be invaluable. Honesty and integrity goes a long way. If you make a mistake, own up to and learn from it because, fortunately, you are unlikely to make that mistake again. Reach out to new colleagues and offer help whenever and wherever you can. As a Senior AM, lending your expertise and being a mentor to newer AMs, is not only beneficial to the new  colleague, it is beneficial to the company.  You are helping to fill productivity gaps much quicker by getting a new team member up to speed and accommodating the “hustle and bustle”.  


  1.      How do you stay organized when handling such a big campaign for the client?

We are lucky that we live in such a technological era. My advice? Take advantage! Use your calendar and categorize tool. Organize your computer desktop and ensure format types (PDFs, Word Documents, PowerPoints, etc. are grouped together) Keep your area neat and organized. Clutter can be distracting and can minimize productivity. Use folders/binders that are clearly labeled with contents pertaining to only one task.  Do not have more than one folder labeled MISC. as numerous folders with miscellaneous content can cause confusion and make it difficult to locate important documents. Take a pen and plenty of paper to each meeting, just in case. Include the date and name of each meeting in the margin of your sheet of paper and refer to it as needed. If need be, transpose the contents onto your computer, personal device, or other media you refer to often so that it is second nature to give the contents a second look. Finally, take a few minutes each night to prepare a game plan for the morning’s tasks the night before.


  1.  Any tips for young professionals looking to go into a career in account management?


  • The most important attribute to have is confidence. Be confident in your work and exude confidence in how you communicate with others.  A successful Account Manager seeks to build and grow professional relationships that last.
  • Be a brand ambassador for the company by conducting yourself in a professional and responsible manner. Time management is also key. Live by the mantra: “If I’m on time, I’m late and if I’m early, I’m on time.” Meeting deadlines on any given task and being punctual to the office or to a meeting says a lot about your work ethic and how seriously you take your job. It also ties back into conducting one’s self with professionalism and a sense of responsibility.
  • Multi-tasking is also important. On a large campaign, you must be able to successfully switch gears at any given time to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You must also be on alert because, as in life, certain situations, that require your attention, can arise at any moment and without notice.
  • You must be detail-oriented and apply critical thinking to be a part of the solution and not the problem

  • Finally, find your own footing and find a flow or a system in how you approach your work. It’s okay to be different and keep the creative juices flowing in how you manage a campaign, but keep yourself open to new ideas and coaching from your peers as you may run into an unfamiliar situation they may have dealt with in the past.

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