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Credico Account Manager Spotlight

This month you’ll meet Credico’s Account Manager, Xavier. 

Xavier has been a Chicagoan for eight years after moving to the city from Florida. He loves to travel, hangout with his fiancé and go on weekend trips as much as possible. Xavier’s goal in his personal and professional life is to help create success for himself and those close to him.


  • How have you seen your campaign(s) grow over the time you’ve worked with them?

Since joining the campaign in 2015, I have seen it grow into other markets such as Houston, Atlanta, Jacksonville and Denver.  Being a part of the process has helped me learn how to work across teams and provide them with what is needed for the process and necessity of growth.


  • What does your day-to-day look like on the client service side of the coin?

I am a big advocate of concise and effective communication.  I believe in follow-ups and closing the loop on all ends.  I believe that proper communication in a work force like ours is the key to success. When asked what we as Account Managers do daily, I describe it as “Air Traffic Control”.   As an AM, we have stuff coming from all directions, at all times of the day, and it is my job to intercept it and direct it to where it needs to go to get the fastest and best resolution.  With that, I don’t just take something and send it to where it needs to go, I also follow up with the original source to let them know that we are on top of it and will send them updates as needed.  Outside of general daily reporting and scheduled calls, there is no set plan to get though the day – the day depends on what is needed from our clients at that time and always exceeding their expectations.


  • Has there been any lessons you’ve learned along the way as an AM?

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake and if a mistake is made, use it as a learning opportunity.  Never be afraid to ask a question, sometimes the questions we think may be dumb, are the questions that someone else may have and if I don’t ask it, no one will.


  • How do you stay organized when handling such a big campaign?

I am huge on follow-ups, email reminders and lists to get things completed.


Any tips for young professionals looking to go into a career in account management?

  •        Don’t be afraid, be confident.
  •        Never get comfortable.
  •        Always have goals to work toward.
  •        Never take anything personal.
  •        Be proud of your work, job and company.
  •        Learn processes that make you successful and adopt that into your daily life.


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