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Credico Account Manager Spotlight

This month you’ll meet Credico’s Account Manager, Lesley. 

Credico EmployeeMeet one of Credico’s Account Managers, Lesley. Lesley is passionate about fitness and staying active at the gym. She enjoys helping others and standing up for those who cannot do it themselves. Lesley resides in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood with her 1-year-old cat, Xena.


How have you seen your client campaigns grow over the time you’ve worked with them?

  • The two campaigns I work on are very different. I have been working with our energy client since I started with Credico and have helped established the campaign. One thing that has been very fulfilling for me to see is the relationship with the client, which is one of the most important aspects in business. As for my other campaign, I have worked with them for about a year. We have worked through a lot of growing pains, and I am excited to continue making this campaign even more successful. 

What does your day-to-day look like on the client services side of the coin?

  • My day-to-day is different each and every day. Some days I am very busy on calls and have a plethora of meetings with regional teams, clients and different departments at Credico. Other days, I am able to alleviate any issues with the campaign or dig into reporting to better understand metrics. The one thing that remains constant is I am always working to make the campaign more successful for our client.

Has there been any lessons you’ve learned along the way as an AM?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I learned that asking questions was more productive and found that people LIKE helping.

How do you stay organized when handling such a big campaign for the client?

  • I’m a list person and like to have things written down to get the satisfaction from crossing them off. I keep a planner and notebook on hand at all times. I refer to it often and  prioritize what I need to accomplish at the beginning of each day.

Any tips for young professionals looking to go into a career in account management? 

  • Be yourself. I’ve found through my professional career, it doesn’t do you any good to try and be someone you’re not and do things that aren’t your style. It takes some time to figure out what makes you tick, what motivates you, and to determine your work methods. I have learned these things and believe that makes my personality shine through to my clients as well as my peers.
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