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Credico Australia Respond to Public Outcry to Save Healthy Harold

After 37 years on the road sharing messages of wellbeing and responsibility to children across the country, there was uproar recently when plans were announced to retire the ‘Healthy Harold’ Programme. Credico Australia has spoken of the public response to the news and shared why the programme has been so successful.

For nearly four decades, children across Australia have welcomed Healthy Harold the giraffe to their schools, with many citing the giraffe and his responsible messages about drugs, alcohol and healthy living to be a fond and profound childhood memory.

As such, when the government recently announced that it would be cutting all funding for the Healthy Harold programme thousands of people across the country took to social media to voice their anger and disappointment.

The programme, known officially as the Life Education Australia Programme, had requested A$500,000 in annual funding, which the government initially announced they would not be renewing. However, in the wake of a significant public backlash, it took less than half a day for the Government to reverse their decision.

Chief Executive of the Programme David Ballhausen estimated that next year alone, 750,000 young people would lose out on vital education if the government chose to stick to their decision not to fund the programme. In response to the government’s U-turn, Mr Ballhausen released a statement thanking everyone who spoke up and supported the continued funding for Healthy Harold.

Credico Australia, a field marketing and sales agency was thrilled with the outcome of this online support, and believe the Healthy Harold programme to be a crucial resource in keeping Australians happy and healthy.

The organisation believes that getting out there and delivering such important messages in person is vital to setting young people on the right track. ‘Healthy Harold works because it creates an experience, it’s interactive and gets young people excited which instantly improves their engagement with what they are being told.’ Stated a spokesperson for Credico Australia. ‘We’ve curated and worked on hundreds of event marketing campaigns and in-person presentations, and witnessed how taking a proactive approach and creating memorable experiences can form lifelong connections and resonate with people for years to come’.

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