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Credico Australia Speak Out on How Brands Can Secure Bigger Purchases From Consumers

Credico Australia is confident that while consumers are becoming more accepting of online shopping, face to face marketing is the only way to drive pricier purchases and long-term brand loyalty.

Credico Australia Speak Out on How Brands Can Secure Bigger Purchases From Consumers

Credico Australia is adamant that when it comes to selling high-end products and services, brands must embrace face to face sales and marketing practices, as relying on online avenues could prove ineffective.

The agency’s statement comes in response to a study commissioned by, a website specialising in discount codes from top Australian stores. Surveying 750 consumers ranging in age from 18 to 65 on their online shopping habits, found that nearly 90 percent of respondents wouldn’t spend more than $5000 online, and just 3 percent would spend up to $20,000 on an online purchase.

The research highlights that consumers need more support when making high end and investment purchases. ‘When spending a significant sum, customers want to interact with a brand directly to ensure their values are in alignment. They want to feel looked after and know that if they have a question, someone will be there to reassure them, and not read them a pushy sales pitch’ reported a spokesperson from Credico Australia.

Credico Australia state that face to face marketing solutions can help brands secure a higher quantity of investment sales and inspire confidence in consumers by offering them opportunities to communicate with knowledgeable and supportive brand ambassadors.

The research by also discovered that while many Australians love online shopping because of its convenience and reputation for cheaper deals, the majority of people still prefer shopping for certain products in-store. 93 percent of respondents favour shopping in store for groceries and accessories such as bags and jewellery. 89 percent prefer going in store to purchase clothing, and a further 86 percent feel more comfortable buying electrical goods in person as opposed to online.

‘This study presents a definitive answer to whether there is still a place for face to face sales and marketing in an increasingly digital world’ concluded Credico Australia. ‘It is clear that consumers will always favour a real life, face to face shopping experience when purchasing certain products, which presents many brands across Australia with an exciting opportunity to improve their in person marketing activities’.


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