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Credico Helps Subscription-Based Meal Industry Reach New Customers

And Changes the Way Subscription Meal Kit Services Interact with Customers

Chicago/PRNewswire/— Credico has provided face-to-face sales solutions to a wide-range of more traditional industries like financial services, telecommunications and energy for more than 25 years. To further diversify its market reach, Credico has expanded into a new exploding industry that caters to consumer convenience.

The surge comes in the form of carefully curated cook-at-home meal kits, which currently dominate the subscription-based food market. The need for pre-portioned meal kit deliveries has risen due to the shift in the traditional way goods and services are purchased. This poses a change in demand for grocery stores and the food service industry alike as smarter consumers shift toward alternative buying options.

“Credico grows with our clients as their need for accessible, independent outsourced sales professionals become a priority,” said Jesse Young, president of Credico. “We’ve been fortunate to connect with brands that are pushing boundaries and doing new and innovative things in a very traditional market space,” added Young.

The main disrupter of the food industry are millennials who are notoriously known for the instant gratification, low-stakes lifestyle they lead. The food industry is adapting to the busier lives people lead by changing the way they reach customers. Customers no longer need to plan meals or do their own grocery shopping, and now can have meals delivered right to their doorstep. To keep up with the sales demand, subscription meal kit companies have turned to the direct sales industry for face-to-face sales and marketing solutions.

Credico works with the leading food industry disrupter to supplement its online sales base to garner customer acquisition through face-to-face sales. Credico facilitates the direct sales relationship with its client and is able to accelerate growth by reaching a broader audience.

Credico supports immense global growth through business-to-business, business-to-consumer, events and kiosk sales to increase brand visibility and customer acquisition. The partnership, while still in its infancy, has already permeated the subscription meal kit industry for the better.


About Credico

Founded in 1991, Credico connects internationally recognized brands with high-quality, local-market outsourced sales teams that help clients acquire new customers via retail, events, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales. Credico has quadrupled its partnerships around the world over the past 10 years and has increased new customer acquisition at a generous rate year-over-year. Visit to learn more.


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