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Credico Junior Accountant Spotlight

This month you’ll meet Credico South Africa’s Junior Accountant, Pamela.

Pamela grew up in a small township called Thulamahashe in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, South Africa. After matriculating in 2013 she discovered a deep passion for Accounting and decided to register with the University of Pretoria and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management Sciences. Besides dressing up and going out with friends to catch up over a cup of tea while motivating and inspiring each other, she is a devoted worshipper, and spends most of her weekends at church – it helps that she loves singing! 



  • Hi Pamela! So, what is your job title at Credico?


I am currently the Junior Accountant at Credico South Africa. 


  • What does your role entail on a day to day basis?


Amongst all other normal accounting duties, one of my most important responsibility is the compiling of payment reports and ensuring that every independent sales office and agent gets paid correctly and on time. I also ensure that all the reports to all the independent sales offices are sent at the end of the week.


  • In your opinion, what is the most enjoyable aspect of your role?


Outsiders may think that working in finance is boring, but in my case that is not true. It is more than just working with money. Accountants can also be energetic and fun if we choose to be. It’s checks and balances which are the foundation for a successful business. Not only do I love working with people, but my role also opens the window to be able to understand most operations within the industry.


  • Do you work as part of a team? If so, what do you like / dislike about that?


Yes, I do work as part of a team and the one thing that stands out for me is that working as a team of smart individuals always helps produce excellent work at all times, and problem-solving is always easier. I place a lot of emphasis on accuracy and sometimes my colleagues misconstrue my strong personality and passion as someone who seems bossy – but get to know me and you quickly realise I am one of the friendliest accountants you’ll ever meet.


  • What’s your proudest achievement whilst working at Credico in your current capacity?


Working at Credico is my first job after completing my University degree so I have been very fortunate that I have already learnt so much, but I have also been able to immediately apply my learnt trade while building a career. I was initially hired as a Finance Assistant and have already been promoted to Junior Accountant. And to top it all off, in 2016 I was chosen as the Employee of the Year.


  • Is there quite a degree of responsibility that comes with your role? If so, did you find that daunting during the early stages?


Yes, there is a lot of responsibilities. The greatest responsibility is understanding the concentration required before you can begin any task. When working with accounting principles you simply cannot afford to make any mistakes. I found that daunting in the early stages because you become too paranoid over your own work, however, it gets better with experience (and as the mistakes become less).


  • Is there any specific advice you would give people looking for a job in the sales and marketing industry?


That they should never underestimate working for a sales and marketing industry. There are so many opportunities for young and ambitious individuals as long and you have the right spirit of wanting to grow and learn. What you sow will always determine what you will reap.


  • Give one example of what you’d like to achieve in the next 6 months in your current role or beyond?


A person can never stop learning. My six-month goal within the business is to ensure that I avail myself to learning more new things about the business, grow professionally as a young individual and also be exposed to more complex business aspects so that I can a better asset to the business and the management team as a whole.




That was Credico South Africa’s Pamela Sambo being interviewed for August 2017’s Employee Spotlight.

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