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Credico South Africa Hold Inspirational Meetings for Nations Entrepreneurs

Committed to setting a standard of excellence in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, Credico South Africa has been orchestrating a number of inspirational discussions for those within their organisation and the nation’s industry entrepreneurs. 

Throughout June Credico South Africa, the country’s leading outsourced sales and marketing agency has been inspiring industry professionals to perform at their peak by sharing their eight ingredients of success

In a series of meetings at their head office in Randburg, the agency invited both aspiring business owners and established entrepreneurs to join their workforce in learning what it takes to find phenomenal success in the highly competitive sales and marketing industry.

Over the last four weeks, the firm focused on eight essential ingredients for success – Ambition, Vision, Determination, Focus, Timing, Execution, Student mentality and Leadership.

The agency outlined to their talented audience how each ingredient is not as straightforward as they may think. For example, while ambition is a crucial element to success, possessing ambition is just the first step to achievement, and that people must focus on seeking out the knowledge and skill needed to make their ideas come to life. Similarly, Credico South Africa also shared how a student mentality goes beyond having a desire to learn; it’s about having the willingness and courage to be learning all the time, absorbing as much information as possible not just in a professional setting, but across all aspects of life.

In a recent statement, Credico South Africa reported a fantastic response to their discussions on the ingredients of success and outlined how they have seen a change in mentality among those who took part. ‘We believe good things come to those who hustle, who put the effort in every day to be better and we have seen a significant increase in determination and a rise in proactivity from those who took part in these discussions’ confirmed a spokesperson for the agency. ‘we are excited to see the overall impact this has not only here at Credico South Africa, but on the country’s sales and marketing entrepreneurs who joined us this month.’

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