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Get to Know How the Face-to-Face Sales Process Works


Jesse Young Sales Opinion Leader CredicoDirect sales has a wide-range of companies that identify with the direct selling industry, which can be difficult to regulate.

Luckily, there are also dozens of well-researched articles that break down the nuances of the business. Today, we will explain Credico’s process.

Face-to-face sales has been around since the early development of civilizations and has changed over time. The beginnings of face-to-face selling evolved from small-scale trade to what it is today a $36 billion industry according to the Direct Selling Association. The basic fundamentals of sales hasn’t changed, but the way people reach customers has vastly expanded with the development of technology.

Credico’s approach to direct sales is unique. It subcontracts a wide-reaching network of sales suppliers that are independently owned and operated all across the globe. Credico’s clients establish sales targets and our job is to configure a campaign that best suits our client’s needs and sets them up for ongoing success.

What does success look like for a Credico client? Lead generation and customer acquisition! We gain new customers for our clients and generate buzz around new products and services they offer. Whether it’s at an event or in a mall kiosk, our clients can depend on the independent sales offices to obtain orders and represent their brand. They uphold the highest quality and act as brand ambassadors on behalf of Credico’s clients.

Credico commits to ongoing client service support to ensure our high-quality standards are met. Once a campaign is off the ground, the outsourced sales force goes to work turning our client’s sales goals into sales revenue. Now that you know how the process works, let’s look at how we keep our client’s satisfied.

The pillars of excellence are what give Credico an advantage over its competitors.

The Credico Pillars of Excellence

  • Quality is the foundation of everything we do as direct sales and marketing campaign specialists.
  • Our contracted independent sales offices are dedicated to being direct brand ambassadors for each of our clients.
  • We are growing and creating new opportunities for outsourced selling across diverse industries and markets worldwide.
  • The success of our business is based on facilitating strong partnerships with our clients and the outsourced sales suppliers.
  • A strong and engaged outsourced sales supplier network leads to increased customer acquisition and better business results for our clients.



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