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What Does Research Tell Us About Motivating Teams?

Credico Team Motivation

Five years ago, Google set out to uncover what makes a team successful. “Project Aristotle” recruited almost 700 people and divided them into small groups, each given a series of assignments. The teams were comprised of members with high levels of intelligence and similar aspirations. Over time, researchers discovered that it was difficult to pinpoint what determined a team’s success when each one had strong members with diverse skill sets.

Project Aristotle set out to answer why certain teams thrived while others were semi-dysfunctional and failed to collaborate effectively.

The study found that group “norms” played a major factor in whether a team would be successful. As long as everyone got a turn to speak up, the team would excel. On the contrary, if only one person or a small group spoke the majority of the time, the collective intelligence declined.

The second important trait that determined the team’s success was if it had a high “average social sensitivity”. Meaning, how receptive were members of the team to what each other were thinking and feeling. This psychological safety net creates a “risk free” zone to creatively partake in sharing ideas without fearing rejection and embarrassment.  

The study found that people working in teams that encourage vulnerability and free expression do immensely better than teams comprised of people with high individual aspirations and low tolerance for joint participation.

Merriam-Webster online defines a team as “a number of persons associated together in work or activity.” Association is a major component when defining a team. It reveals the reason said “persons” are working together in the first place, which is to find a commonality. The commonalities among people are the bonding forces that make collaboration easy and keep people motivated.

In direct sales, every aspect of the business relies on the energy and eagerness that an individual brings in a team atmosphere. Credico has proven year over year that facilitating the collective ideas of our clients and our subcontracted independent sales offices consistently leads to higher customer acquisition and retention rates, resulting in success for the entire campaign.

Team dynamics in any business are vital to its success, which was discernible in Project Aristotle. The ease at which ideas can be freely shared and turned into tangible tactics help individuals in a team stay motivated. As leaders in the direct sales industry, our business relies on effective communication and strong teamwork. It’s these dependable attributes our clients know and trust Credico will deliver on year after year. Without these key elements, success is only a goal, not a reality.

As our company gains more success, we are committed to motivating our team members at the individual level by encouraging them to speak up in huddles, all-hands meetings, etc. This not only boosts individual morale, but leads to more effective teamwork at all levels.  


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