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How to Really Succeed in Direct Sales

How to Really Succeed in Direct Sales

Do a Google search of “How to become good at direct sales” and you’ll be bombarded with a myriad of articles offering up expert advice on how to close a deal, traits of great salespeople, building a client book; it’s a black hole of expert tips and tricks. While these articles can be helpful, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for with such a broad search and so many options.

Credico has been in the direct sales and marketing business for over 25 years and we know what it takes to succeed in direct sales and customer acquisition. So take it from us, the leading outsourced sales subcontractor, to show you how to really succeed in direct sales.

So what does it take to be a good salesperson?

Is it charisma? Killer communication skills? Or an extensive client list to rely on? Well, yes, those things certainly help, but success in direct sales boils down to a basic level of human understanding that is achieved through connection. The way you skillfully build a customer relationship and how you present your first sales pitch are the single most important aspects of being successful in sales. Intent fosters connection, and without a connection you have lost your audience (and the sale). With the wrong approach, you can come across as insincere and self-serving, turning your original message into gibberish. As with most things worth having in life, it takes time and effort to build the relationship and maintain it throughout the sales life cycle.

According to a report titled Predictions 2016: B2B Marketing’s New Mission produced by Forrester, “B2B marketers will finally start to create new relationships between sales and marketing by looking at, ‘how do we approach customers based on how customers go through their purchase journey, not through how we want to take them through a lead funnel.’”

Here are the top three lessons that Credico, as direct sales and marketing experts, has learned over our 25-year span in business.

These are easy tips to remember so you can retain long-lasting, client/customer relationships for years to come.     

  • Build a brand people can trust. Knowing how consumers view your brand image is a vital piece to growing your company’s reach. Quality is a key factor in developing highly successful teams and that’s what stands out to our clients.

“Entering this business at the ground level makes you a stronger leader down the line and gives you important customer insight that they aren’t exposed to otherwise,” said Antoine Nohra, founder and chief executive officer of Credico.

  •  Good salespeople never leave a stone unturned. They are not afraid of trying new ways to reach their audiences and catering the sale to individual needs. If you don’t succeed on the first pitch, try a new approach rather than using the same one time after time. As with any obstacle in life, you just need to look at the problem as an opportunity and think creatively.
  • How you engage with your audience in a way that they understand. This goes back to our first point of fostering a connection with your audience. It’s about how you present your intentions when making a sale that will lead to a lasting impression and signing a new customer.

“I have made interacting with people my expertise. Creating long-term relationships then growing those relationships takes years. It’s all about adding trust.” said Antoine Nohra, Credico.
With these things in mind, direct sales can be one of the most fun and rewarding careers! Take the time to invest in yourself, your team and your customers. Trust us, you will see the results!

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