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The Strength of Face-to-face Sales in Today’s Technological Climate

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In 2016, things got personal in the retail and online sales markets. Consumers were inundated with endless ways to buy goods and services (mostly in the form of well-designed apps). And this tech trend will continue into the new year.

Customer experience and service teams are forming strategies with a smarter consumer in mind. In our increasingly consumer-centric society, this focus on tech-savvy consumers is essential to staying ahead of your competitor.

Just this past year, Google introduced its “smart house” speaker, a cylinder-shaped device that boasts an intuitive design; the latest iPhone launched and with it came a newly redesigned iOS 10; Facebook and Instagram went live to keep up with the social sharing giant, Snapchatand this list barely scratches the surface of new tech innovations in 2016.

So how can a business focused on face-to-face sales survive in today’s technological savvy climate? Well for starters, Credico wrote about the topic in “Delivering Offline Sales in an Online World” here. We covered supplementing online sales with a sophisticated, high-quality outsourced sales force. But if we want to increase our aperture to include the nature of technology today and its impact on our consumer culture, we have to shift our focus in the direct selling arena.

For customers, it’s about connecting with companies in more ways than just engaging with its website.

Nowadays businesses are utilizing social channels, tech apps, even virtual reality technology to promote their products.  Even Credico is shifting its focus not only for its client’s campaigns but its own business development. The more people socialize on a personal level with the Credico brand and its online communities, the more engaged they will become.

The old school charm of face-to-face sales continues to prevail as technology advances, but an online presence does help to enhance the consumer experience. Online channels allow Credico to connect with vendors, clients and other various sales channels in a more interactive way. This in turn creates more business leads, higher client satisfaction and better brand awareness as a whole.

In direct sales, the two-part process involves the initial face-to-face interaction and then the vital tech component that keeps customers engaged. The potential to gain new business with both components combined gets exponentially higher results and leads to a more informed consumer for our clients.

As our consumer culture continues to move toward more advancements in technology, it’s important to maintain a personal touch with a face-to-face interaction. Without a sales representative to help customers properly utilize a business’s goods and services, the face-to-face engagement is missed. These omni-channel strategies will help carry big and small businesses throughout the life of your brand.



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