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Where can we take your business? Well, everywhere actually. Credico has a wide-reaching network of outsourced sales teams that act as brand ambassadors for our clients in every step of the sales process. From the initial customer pitch to the point-of-sale to installation and activation of service, Credico’s outsourced suppliers are there to protect your brand’s image while gaining you new customers every single day.

We are a like-minded group of salespeople who are in this business to build relationships, not just a bottom line. By reaching your customers through face-to-face sales, Credico creates a more personalized customer experience.

Let Credico deliver new customers to you and expand your reach.

In what channels
do we service?

  • Retail and Kiosk Sales
  • Events
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Business-to-Business

How does
it work?


We pair you with our team of professionals to identify your company’s sales targets and goals as well as any existing challenges you face with customer acquisition as to best configure a strategy for success.


Your team of professionals disseminates your specified training processes and guidelines to selected independent sales offices. To protect your brand, all outsourced sales suppliers go through a robust product training program to deliver the highest quality service while representing your brand in the field.


Once your outsourced sales team is fully aligned with your objectives, program guidelines, product knowledge and brand strategies, they hit the ground running to meet your sales goals. Equipped with cutting edge technology, every outsourced sales specialist is able to receive campaign updates, sign customers on the spot and authorize contracts in real time. That means you receive new customers in real time too!

Ongoing Support

We quantify and share your results directly while maintaining a standard of excellence amongst the outsourced sales team who represent you. Credico is committed to annual training recertifications, compliance recertifications, and ongoing customer service support.