Despite specializing in face to face marketing communications, Credico (USA) LLC understands just how essential it is as an organization to stay in tune with the digital world. The firm has released an exclusive insight into how it plans to boost its digital capabilities in 2018.  

As a global force in face-to-face marketing and sales, Credico doesn’t shy away from change, especially when it comes to technology that stands to improve their internal processes and the services it offers clients. The organization recently revealed an increase in its investment in IT.  In an exclusive interview, the leader of the organization’s Client Services and Information Technology Departments, Christine Aceron, discussed the organization’s new objectives for the coming months.  

As the thought leader and planner for Credico’s continued investment in technology, Aceron draws on over 17 years of relevant experience to find ways technology can support the organization’s current and future needs more efficiently. 

Ms. Aceron outlines that for 2018 the organization is focusing its initiatives on three key areas.

“For 2018 we have a large variety of initiatives. Some of them are based on more effective ways to manage our technology and communications, and we also have initiatives that are hardening our core systems, and several strategic business intelligence initiatives.”

The Head of IT shares that the investment in business intelligence is particularly exciting.

“With business intelligence, we’re leveraging more updated technology to be more predictive and prescriptive in what we do,” explains Ms. Aceron. “I’m particularly excited about the business intelligence initiatives. We have a very well thought out approach and plan to make sure we have the right data going to the right people for the right decision making at Credico. That is really going to be tremendously impactful to our business for forward-looking insights.”

Credico (USA) LLC is a fast-growing organization and understands having the latest technologies and systems in place to facilitate and support this growth is vital. Ms. Aceron believes that companies should never underestimate the need to stay in-tune with the digital world and continually invest in new technologies.

‘There are many reasons to invest. Solutions that were put into place at a given point in time were meant to meet the needs that were known at that time. They were using the best available technology. However, business needs are constantly changing, technology overhauls and reinvents itself every couple of years, and the assumptions may need to be completely rethought to make sure a company is getting the right return on their IT investments.’  

Furthermore, Ms. Aceron fully supports the role IT can play in pushing the boundaries of possibility, which for a pace-setting organization like Credico, is central to its global reach.

“It’s important to update and innovate the way that a company goes about its main (business) processes. It’s important to challenge thinking and come up with new ways to solve problems, and technology can be an enabler for that. It’s never going to be the answer in and of itself, but it can be a great way to enable innovation.”