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Direct Energy


“In 2015, Direct Energy challenged Credico to sell our energy products differently than ever before. Credico was able to increase its Comfort and Control Plans by 150% over the previous year, leading Direct Energy to make a significant difference in our customers lives by reducing how much energy they actually used.”

Paul Karem, Vice President of Direct Sales

Case Study


Direct Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America helping customers buy less of what we sell.

Client Need

Direct Energy chose to work with Credico because of Credico’s ability to scale without losing sight of the customer experience.


Credico’s contracted sales teams were instrumental in quickly becoming one of Direct Energy’s largest sellers of our Comfort and Control Plan, offering customers the ability to reduce their energy consumption while protecting the customer from potentially fluctuating energy supply rates. Through face-to-face relationships, the outsourced sales teams have reflected Direct Energy’s mission of harnessing our energy expertise to make a difference in our customers’ lives.


Credico has elevated Direct Energy’s residential presence in the U.S. Northern markets while changing the way energy is sold at the customer’s home. Throughout 2015, Direct Energy’s Comfort and Control Plan became an instant success story in part due to Credico’s approach to embracing technology and making it easier for customers to manage their energy costs.

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