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Credico Australia focuses on reflection for their final meeting of the year.

Credico Australia is due to host their final strategy meeting of the year during the first weekend of December, in Sydney. The session will focus retrospectively on the past year of business.

The company recognise the importance of evaluating past performance, to help professional and personal development – with a high focus on their clients. The firm will discuss and assess notable triumphs and achievements reached over the last year, and how such goals were attained.

The firm believes that reflection is an important aspect of business in all industries, and affects professionals at all levels of their careers. Credico Australia understands that hands-on experience is the most proactively efficient way of learning, as mistakes are a common occurrence during all stages of business development. The firm actively looks toward errors as learning opportunities, a chance to attack a problem from an alternative angle and re-evaluate how obstacles are approached.

Credico Australia is taking heed from recent research that finds evidence proving that without processes of actively reflecting on past experiences, and questioning what they present, learning does not occur. The firm has been instilling this ethos within all their professionals, encouraging them to reflect on their own past achievements and obstacles for self-development.

In May of this year, the Australian branch was awarded Credico’s fastest growing market, despite being one of the newest to open in 2013. The firm has worked with a variety of high profile companies in the Australian market, with the hope of continuing impressive growth into 2018.

Credico Australia continues to go beyond client expectations, solidifying their prominent market position within the sales and marketing industry, following the lead of the more established branches. The firm has stated that 2018 will focus on the importance of pairing consumers with offline, face to face solutions. Credico Australia understands that a human touch between brands and customers is proving to be one of the most effective forms of modern marketing. 2018 is set to be another record-breaking year for the Australian branch, and the whole of the Credico brand.

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