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Credico Australia host business owner meeting at Sydney’s historic RSYS

Last weekend saw Credico Australia host a highly awaited business conference that attracted some of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and business owners. The event was held at the RSYS (Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron) – a private member sailing club located in Kirribilli.

Credico Australia host historic business meeting

Established in 1862, the venue boasted panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and was fully equipped with grand dining rooms, an atmospheric boardroom, and outdoor terraces – all perfectly catered to host a wide range business conferences and family gatherings. Credico Australia were impressed with the high standards of customer service from the staff, and loved the traditional décor of the venue. The esteemed event held there over the weekend provided an opportunity to both established and budding entrepreneurs in attendance to listen to speeches from some of the sales and marketing industry’s top performers.

About Credico Australia:

Participating in events like these are important for continuous professional development purposes, as they ensure a person continues to be competent in his or her profession. The sales and marketing industry is becoming increasingly fast paced, and it is more important now than ever before to stay ahead of the game, and expand on sources of knowledge. Credico Australia believes that the main common trait of some of the World’s most successful people is the fact that they view everyday challenges as opportunities to grow stronger.

“There is always room for self-improvement, and Australia’s entrepreneurs can all learn from this by being curious and attending business owner seminars that challenge ideas within their industry,” said experienced Operations Manager, Yen Osten.

Topics discussed over the weekend included the current state and emerging trends of the direct sales and marketing industry, as well as big picture thinking for the remainder of 2017. The meeting included afternoon drinks which provided a platform for entrepreneurs and business owners to develop new contacts, and extend their professional networks.

Credico Australia are proud of their track record for providing outsourced sales and marketing solutions to some of Australia’s most well-known brands and household names. The firm were delighted with the turnout and outcome of the event at the RSYS, and felt that it demonstrated the brilliant standards that they continue to set.

With the help of experienced and friendly sales forces, Credico Australia forges personal connections between clients and consumers by taking the time to learn about each consumer’s unique set of needs and requirements. This marketing approach provides tangible benefits to both businesses and consumers, as businesses are able to generate more sales, whilst consumers feel more valued by a brand and benefit from a high standard of customer service.

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