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Credico (USA) LLC Joins the Debate on Why Brands Should Speak Out on Big Issue

In the wake of a new study, Credico (USA) LLC has joined the debate as to whether taking a stand on divisive issues could make or break a brand in the current media climate. 

As a leading force in the global sales and marketing industry, and with nearly 30 years’ experience in connecting internationally recognized brands with quality outsourced sales teams, Credico (USA) LLC understands the importance of a brand communicating the right message for its target audience. Working with top brands from the telecommunication, non-profit, media, and financial sectors to name a few, the agency has seen firsthand how success in any market is dependent on a brand committing to its core values and ensuring these values run deep throughout all forms of communication. In the current media climate dominated by scandal, inequality and fake news, failure to stick to brand ideals and taking a stand on controversial topics could break a brand and cause irreversible damage to its reputation and sales stream.

However, despite the risks, Credico (USA) LLC has recognized that as political and social issues become more divisive in the U.S an increasing number of brands are willing to speak out and offer an opinion. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Social Media Management platform SproutSocial even claims that taking a stand on divisive issues could increase brand loyalty and improve a brand’s reputation. Of the 1000 online consumers polled, 66 percent of respondents stated that they want brands to take a stand on difficult issues. Furthermore, 44 percent said they were more likely to purchase from a brand with a definite opinion, and 52 percent would feel more loyal to a brand willing to speak up.

Credico (USA) LLC concurs with the results of the survey and believes discussing divisive issues has the power to show consumers that brands are in tune with their needs and struggles. ‘Consumers want to feel connected to brands; however, many marketing messages barely scratch the surface.  Taking a stand on big issues shows that there is more to a brand than its products, it shows its run by real people, with real experiences and creates a community which drives trust and has a purpose’.

While Credico (USA) LLC believes that taking a stand on high profile issues could benefit a brand, it is eager for brands to heed its words of warning before speaking out. ‘A brand needs to have a clear reason as to why it weighs in on a divisive topic, customers will see straight through a brand that is offering an opinion for the sake of it. When a brand is seen to be riding on the coat tails of a significant issue just to raise its own profile, it will quickly lose the respect of its audience.’ States Ilina Kravtchenko, Client Services Manager at Credico (USA) LLC. ‘However, if a brand can recognize the impact a certain issue has on its workforce and audience and can communicate genuine empathy and support, then speaking out is the right thing to do’.

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