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Credico operating to meet demands of current workforce

Today’s discerning consumers are also today’s workforce. And those individuals look for brands they identify with, not only to purchase but also to serve and help grow. Credico, as a partner to many Fortune 100 brands, understands the discerning consumer and appreciates the passion today’s workforce brings.

Simply put Credico, like other businesses, must adapt to the demands of the workforce or risk losing their top performers. Indeed, how well businesses manage to evolve in this arena will be key to their future growth goals and aspirations. Credico has had to operate with discipline to navigate the marketing industry’s ever-changing roadmap. And now they need to be just as savvy to retain and attract top talent.

Today’s modern workers want a level of flexibility from their office environment. They want the freedom to fit their career around their passions and aspirations – not the other way around. They identify with brands more personally and emotionally than previous generations. To them, it says something about who they are as a person, and where they fit in society.

Credico works to foster a democratic and fulfilling atmosphere in all five of their offices around the world. Thereby, they instill a desirable community-centric company culture. This ethos resonates well with the ever-changing workforce and gives the company a true identity in an increasingly digital world.

A Workforce Giving Back

‘Giving back’ initiatives, like participation with Chicago Cares, Children’s Home + Aid, and Mercy Home, also exemplify the direction and passion of Credico’s leadership. Credico continues to offer aggressive 401k plans and extra incentives or perks on top of a competitive fixed salary.

“We’re proud that we can continue to offer competitive salaries and nice employee perks, to show appreciation for our talented employees. We are also offering more vacation time than ever before to satisfy interest in achieving a greater work-life balance,” stated Monal Patel, HR Manager.

Credico’s global employees collaborate digitally from their offices and homes. Credico’s US Operations Controller Sandra Smith shared, “It is a tremendous value to me observing how Credico’s business operates and adapts in other cultures around the world. Applying this knowledge to make Credico successful here in the United States makes me a more valuable professional.”

The successful companies of 2018 and beyond will be the ones who demonstrate a willingness to stay abreast of emerging trends – not just in terms of business strategy, but also internally to satisfy workforce demands,” reiterates Patel.


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