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Credico Reflects on Its Enormous Growth on a Global Scale

Credico, a global leader of customer acquisition through outsourced sales, announces it has reached their goal of increasing the number of new customers acquired for clients by 65 percent in 2015. Credico first entered the global market over a decade ago and has expanded its offices to six locations across the globe.  The latest country to join this growing list is Credico Australia.

“In 2016, we will focus our talents on expanding into new and diverse markets. Our success will continue to rely on the strong partnerships we’ve built with both our clients and outsourced sales teams,” said Antoine Nohra, founder and chairman of Credico.

Credico attributes its success to its partnerships with the well-rounded outsourced sales teams who are the driving force behind new customer acquisitions and retention. Credico services clients across the globe and focuses on providing a high-quality, face-to-face customer sales experience. Credico works with its clients to follow company practices from the beginning to end of the selling process.

“We pair our clients with high-quality outsourced sales teams and oversee a mutually beneficial relationship that empowers and motivates all parties involved. We stand out because of the connections our outsourced sales teams make with the customers directly exceed those of our competitors in the field,” said Nohra.

Credico works on the clients’ behalf by subcontracting to offices who reach potential customers through face-to-face interactions at a micro level. By matching clients with outsourced sales teams, Credico constantly looks to develop and improve its processes to better suit clients’ needs in the U.S. and worldwide.

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