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Credico South Africa, Spotlight

Credico Spotlight – Tshifhiwa Matodzi

From our Johannesburg office in South Africa – Account Manager Tshifhiwa Matodzi has been chosen for this edition of Credico’s employee spotlight. She’s been described as a hard-working independent woman and an inspiration to everyone in the South African office. We had a chat with her to find out how she does it.


Q: What is your job title at Credico?


A: Key accounts manager!


Q: What does your role entail on a day to day basis?


A: I play a big role in being the ‘middle man’ between the suppliers and our clients, the day to day situations, admin, education and so many other aspects that are essential in forming a good working relationship with our clients.


Q: What new strategies have you implemented this year to make it such a successful one for you personally?


My new year’s resolution last year was to live a better life than I did the previous year, I had to up my game across all aspects of my life and make things happen. This meant going above and beyond in my daily workload, and building better professional relationships with clients and colleagues.


Q: Is there quite a degree of responsibility that comes with your role? If so, did you find that daunting during the early stages?


My very first campaign was extremely challenging and intimidating in the beginning. With proper guidance and support from Credico SA management, I made it a success. Now I have far more confidence in my abilities, better knowledge and am ready for bigger challenges.


Q: Is there any specific advice you would give people looking for a job in the sales and marketing industry?


Hard work pays off.  Challenges will always be there but perseverance shall reward you in the end.


Q: Can you give one example of what you’d like to achieve in the next 6 months in your current role or beyond?


My aim is to achieve double digits growth in the next 6 months for a new campaign, and it would be great to see the new campaigns I am overseeing bloom and reach their full potential.


Q: What motto do you live by?


Live, laugh, love – because you have to and do it to the fullest. Each of us is given but one pass through life. There are no retakes – no repeats.


Tshifhiwa has been selected to attend next year’s Credico Awards Gala in London to travel and learn the culture of the business in other countries. Congratulations!

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