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Credico (USA) LLC Respond to Shocking New Study into Consumer Buying Habits

In response to a game-changing new study into consumer buying habits Credico (USA) LLC has released a statement on the role it can play in meeting the changing needs of today’s consumers.

Credico (USA) LLC’s mission throughout its 27 years in the sales and marketing industry has been to remain customer focused and align its operations with developing consumer behaviors and market trends. The firm’s success has stemmed from the ability to facilitate clients in finding the right consumers and creating memorable, fully personalized brand experiences. It is through this customer-centric approach that Credico (USA) LLC recently learned of a shocking study into the buying habits of today’s consumers, which could stand to be a game changer in the way millions of brands operate.

The research conducted by Indiana University and UCLA examined the relationship between the number of reviews a product has online and its average rating; and how this impacted purchases.

Involving 132 adult participants, the researchers found that consumers tend to buy products that have a higher number of buyer reviews, regardless of whether most of these reviews were negative.

Credico (USA) LLC understands that while initially unexpected the result of this study make sense. Through the firm’s own experience in the sales and marketing industry, it has noted that customers feel more confident purchasing from brands that have a broader reach and a more extensive consumer base.

The firm is eager to point out that this does not mean well-known brands can get away with selling subpar products but does suggest that to attract new customers brands are going to have to become more proactive in building their presence.

‘To align with this behavior brands will need to look for new ways to build their audience faster, so that they can demonstrate to prospective customers that they are reputable, with an abundance of happy customers behind them. Utilizing a face to face marketing strategy would allow brands to spread themselves across multiple marketing territories simultaneously to build brand awareness, without compromising on the quality of the consumer experience’ states Credico (USA) LLC.

Credico (USA) LLC has been changing the way brands reach their target consumers for years and has successfully garnered millions of customers annually for clients from a vast array of industries. The firm is urging brands, in light of this discovery in consumer behavior to take action and focus on building a more prominent and positive brand profile to stand out in increasingly oversaturated markets.

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