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Credico (USA) LLC Champions Women in Leadership Roles

Credico (USA) LLC has long championed equal opportunities in leadership and is adamant that a balanced leadership team is good for business.  As such, the organization was surprised to learn that 60 percent of male business leaders believe there to be an acceptable number of women in leadership roles.    

Credico (USA) LLC is committed to challenging the status quo and has long supported the change in attitude surrounding the roles of women in business. The organization is confident that having women in a leadership team can make a company stronger, and that diversity, in general, can lead to higher performance. ‘Both genders have their own strengths, but in many industries, women have been found to influence the majority of retail decisions. Research has found that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases, so it makes sense to have women at the top to create strategies that drive these purchases’ outlines a spokesperson from Credico (USA) LLC. 

However, despite this critical statistic, only 5.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female, according to Pew Research Center. Continuous data available shows diverse teams make better decisions in business. Having both men and women at the top allows a company to better meet the needs and reflect the makeup of the people who connect with its brand. Within Credico globally, women hold a variety of decision making roles, such as Director of Client Services, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Human Resources Director, and Director of Operations, as well as numerous account manager and supervisor positions. The organization supports finding the best people for the job and creating a balance within its management operations. Credico (USA) LLC remains committed to creating an environment where talent and ability remain central to building its leadership teams. 




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