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Credico’s Expansion into the U.S. Retail Sales Vertical Accelerates Company’s Growth


Credico, a global leader in outsourced sales, launched its inaugural pilot program into the retail sales vertical in March 2014 with three national retailers. In a 24-month time span, Credico has successfully expanded its clients in the telecommunications industry and customer base into the retail vertical, making it the ideal industry for Credico’s pilot program.

“I anticipated success when we first entered into the retail vertical, but the degree of success we’ve achieved the past two years has surpassed my expectations. We initially targeted our growth to reach 40 percent by the end of 2015, and crushed that target in the first three months. It’s exciting to feel the momentum we’ve gained since entering retail and 2016 will be about pushing beyond expectations,” said Jesse Young, President of Credico.

Credico experienced 450 percent growth in the retail vertical from 2014 to 2015. Credico provides its clients with the capacity to enter into the retail space where those opportunities might not have previously existed.

The concept promotes operational efficiency and process optimization while maximizing the quality of the retail sales experience. Credico is currently testing a new national retailer and plans to continue to increase the retail business into 2016. “The client response has been positive and their need for more outsourced sales is on the rise,” added Young.


[Updated from 5/11/2015 release date]

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