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Exploring the role of emotional connectivity in branding.

Have you ever wondered how Coke became so synonymous with cola, Kleenex with tissues, Hoover with vacuuming, or Google with searching the internet?

One word – emotional connectivity. These companies were able to achieve brand loyalty beyond reason, and loyalty beyond recession by connecting to customers at a deep, personal level.

The aforementioned examples have resonated so deeply, they’ve become household names, dominated their product or service category, and on occasion even REPLACED their product name. “Hand me a Kleenex, would you?” …Mental when you think about it, isn’t it?

Well, if your company didn’t have big goals before, now you certainly have something to strive for…

At Credico, we believe that about 90% of the customer experience is driven by emotion. You already know that the present day shoppers of 2017 are savvy creatures, and are often found researching and browsing around for months before committing to a purchasing decision. However, even then, when it comes to the moment of purchase, it’s ultimately a decision that’s largely based on a variety of emotions.

So, how do brands achieve loyalty in 2017?

Well, we hope you’re in touch with your emotions because believe us, the best companies tap into the emotional connection they forge between themselves and their customers, so that they are considered favorably when it comes to the moment of their purchasing decision.

A great customer experience goes way beyond rationale and innovative product features – brands these days need the entire purchasing funnel to be fraught with favorable emotions at every consumer touch point with the brand.

These customers are high maintenance – right?!

Well, yes, but you can’t blame them. With such a wide choice of companies available at their disposal thanks to advances in internet, marketplace and mobile technology, consumers have never had more purchasing power. That being said, they are willing to pay premium prices for excellent customer service and an outstanding retail experience because they value the EXPERIENCE of it all. On the flip side, where mulligans may have occurred before, nowadays a single negative experience or unresolved issue is usually enough to make a brand miss the cut.

How do I create a great experience for my customers?

At Credico, we believe bringing a personal touch to interactions goes a long way towards strengthening a business’s branding. Long gone are the days when a ‘one size fits all’ customer service policy is anywhere near adequate!

Whether it’s having the customer’s name in an email newsletter, or speaking with them in person at a pop-up stall – any efforts to personalize the connection will be appreciated – believe us.

At any rate, why would you leave the quality of a first impression purely down to chance in the online world when you can shape it better through a memorable encounter in the offline one?

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