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Theuns Bezuidenhout – General Manager of Credico South Africa: Evolve or be Left Behind

Many businesses need to constantly evolve with their markets in order to keep themselves viable, and the sales and marketing industry falls victim to this like no other due to the ever-changing nature of consumer desires.  

As General Manager of Credico South Africa, Theuns Bezuidenhout has played an important role in Credico South Africa becoming a leader in delivering customised sales solutions aimed at increasing customer acquisition. He understands that consumer evolution is unavoidable, and warns marketing companies that they need to be anticipating such frequent changes in consumer behaviour whilst seldom underestimating their potential magnitude.

Marketing has, and always will be, an ever-changing industry, and Credico South Africa’s GM believes that all companies within the industry should be constantly benchmarking themselves against current best practice. Theuns welcomes the pressure of change, as it brings with it the potential and opportunity for continuous professional development.

In present day 2017, the consumers of today are being engulfed in more digital content than ever before, with a seemingly infinite array of brands, products and services at their fingertips via mobile technology. However, for many customers, it’s about connecting with companies in more ways than just engaging with their website or app. This means that consumers have higher expectations and more options than ever before, and want to engage in brand experiences that are personable, memorable and efficient.

Credico South Africa provides B2B and B2C clients with the highest quality direct sales solutions available in retail, events, door-to-door and street markets. With the freedom of choice and brand switching at an all time high, Credico South Africa knows that today’s customers won’t stick around if their interaction with a company doesn’t live up to such expectations. In response, Credico South Africa contracts dedicated independent sales offices to act as direct brand ambassadors for each of their clients – regaining some of the control lost in the online world by managing the impressions in the physical one.

Interacting with consumers on a face to face basis builds relationships, forges trust, and can protect brands from leaving a consumer’s brand experience simply to chance online. Despite the staggering advances in online marketing, non-verbal communication is yet to be replicated – a quality that I believe accounts for around 90% – if not more – of all total communication,” stated Mr. Bezuidenhout.

When trying to win over a new customer, the Credico South Africa GM believes there is nothing more powerful than adding a personal touch to shape their impression of a given brand.

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