Ryan Heyes is the Vice President of Business Development for Credico USA. He is a dynamic business development professional with a proven track record of establishing strong, long-term client relationships. With over 19 years of experience in client management, public relations, and international business, Ryan currently manages an impressive portfolio of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients. In 2008, he began working with Credico Consulting in the UK developing new business and revenue streams to further boost Credico’s reputation as the leading provider of direct sales and customer acquisitions. By securing partnerships with the UK’s leading energy and telecommunications providers within two years, he solidified his place on Credico’s fast track. In 2010, Ryan accepted the appointment of General Manager, Credico Consulting South Africa and relocated to the Johannesburg headquarters to overhaul and redesign operations, ultimately increasing their client portfolio to 16 clients. Since arriving in the United States in 2014, he has secured partnerships with North America’s leading energy provider, the US’s leading retail chain, and is currently developing new business ventures in the finance, telecommunications, and alternative business sectors.