In 1991, Antoine Nohra founded a new kind of business that linked outsourced sales teams, specializing in direct marketing and direct sales, to companies that needed a better way to reach new customers and increase their customer acquisition rate. Since that time, Credico has continued to expand the outsourced sales business into new territories while dramatically increasing customer acquisition for its clients through direct selling interactions worldwide.

Credico is the premier outsourced sales provider in the direct sales industry. We have operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa, generating more than 60,000 new customers per week for our clients in the United States. Credico partners with over 200 independent sales offices with more than 2,800 active agents, and we receive superior feedback from our clients!


Credico Pillars



Quality is the foundation of everything we do as outsourced sales and marketing specialists.



Our outsourced sales suppliers are dedicated to being direct brand ambassadors for each of our clients.



We are growing and creating new opportunities across diverse industries and markets worldwide.



The success of our business is based on facilitating strong partnerships with our clients and the outsourced sales suppliers.



A strong and engaged outsourced sales supplier network leads to increased customer acquisition and better business results for our clients.