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Credico is a global face-to-face customer acquisition broker with offices worldwide. We have over 25 years of experience providing sales, marketing and event based new customer acquisitions for clients in various industries.

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the World

Sandra Smith

“What I enjoy most about working for Credico USA is being a part of a company where there is endless growth and opportunity. This aspect adds value to my work and it’s great to be involved in decision making that has impact on our unique business everyday.”

Sandra Smith, Finance Manager, Credico North America

Tshifhiwa Matodzi

“Being part of CredicoSA has been like joining an amazing family of brilliant, like-minded siblings. What makes CredicoSA stand out for me is their commitment to employee development."

Tshifhiwa Matodzi, Key Accounts Manager, Credico SA

Nada Jallad

"The success of Credico is due to our smart management team, devoted staff and strong outsourced sales force always moving forward to realize their dreams and reach for the stars.”

Nada Jallad, Administration, Credico Canada


Client Services

The Client Services team are operational ambassadors who facilitate the client customer relationship with Credico’s subcontracted independent sales teams. They are comprised of a skilled group of Account Managers and a detail-oriented Onboarding and Supply Management team.

Field Relations

The National Account Managers (NAMs) audit the sales process in the field to ensure compliance of client face-to-face interactions and participate in trainings with clients to streamline processes and procedures.


The Finance team handles all financial logistics for the company and are dedicated experts in their respective fields.

IT/Inventory Specialist

The IT teams are specialists in back end systems, hardware and software technologies. No job is too big for our IT experts to handle.


The Marketing and Communications team coordinates internal and external communications and disseminates the Credico Advantage to both the public and potential client partners.

Human Resources/Legal

The Administration team consists of Human Resources and Legal. They uphold the Credico Pillars of Excellence to ensure the company culture exceeds expectations.