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Will 2018 Mark the End of Online Advertising? Credico (USA) LLC Launches Investigation

This month saw the revolutionary launch of Google Chrome’s built-in ad blocker service, which stands to improve the browser experience for millions of Chrome users. However, with the move causing a rumble among online marketers, Credico (USA) LLC is investigating what this could mean for the future of online advertising.

On February 15th, Google released its built-in browser ad blocker, marking the first time in the organization’s history that it has automatically blocked ad content. The service is designed to improve the user experience and ban intrusive adverts from browsers. It is triggered by any advert that doesn’t comply with guidelines set by the Coalition for Better Ads. These include pop up ads, auto-play videos, and any ads with a countdown that prevents the user from closing them.

The new service has ruffled a few feathers among digital marketers and has called into question the value of digital advertising. Despite specializing in field marketing, Credico (USA) LLC recognizes the benefits of digital channels however considering Google’s latest release the agency is concerned that brands may be set to see a decline in the impact of their online efforts.

In an investigation, Credico (USA) LLC observed research conducted last year by Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) which highlighted that the cost of online marketing has hit an all-time high. The price increase of a digital ad is now five times the rate of inflation, and between 2014 and 2016, the average cost of an online ad rose by 12 percent. Furthermore, this rising price does not secure better results. The ADI report confirmed that despite advertisers increasing their spend by 42 percent, visits to websites as a result of online ads have increased by a mere 11 percent, and the average site visit times have dropped by 6 percent in the last year.

With Facebook also having hit the news with the release of their algorithm which limits branded content, Credico (USA) LLC believes 2018 could be the year marketers end up paying more for less in the digital world. ‘In the coming months, brands are going to have to change tactics and make sure they are benefiting from the impressions they are paying for. This means having a clear understanding of the guidelines set out by the Coalition for Better Ads and complying with them to the letter. It also calls for brands to bolster their marketing efforts by utilizing new channels in the coming months to ensure they are making the most of their budgets’ Outlines a spokesperson from Credico (USA) LLC.

Credico (USA) LLC is eager for brands to branch out and investigate new marketing avenues in 2018 and is confident its investigation highlights the importance of diversifying marketing strategies. ‘If our experience has taught us anything it’s that every consumer is different and likes to interact with a brand on their own terms. Brands need to offer more marketing options that put the customer in control of the conversation if they are to see a stronger return’ concludes the agency’s spokesperson.

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