Aligned with Forbes findings through their Global Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce study, Credico recognizes that innovation is just as much a key driver of growth as diversity is a key driver of innovation.

“Companies have realized that diversity and inclusion are no longer separate from other parts of the business. Organizations in the survey understand that different experiences and different perspectives build the foundation necessary to compete on a global scale.”
– Stuart Feil, editorial director of Forbes Insights

Credico has long championed diversity and is keeping stride with the global movement in diversifying the workplace. The organization acknowledges and fosters a culture that encourages and supports equal opportunity for women in the workplace. Then, taking it one step further, in leadership. Credico USA’s DNA is currently 48.5 percent women. Further, the executive team at Credico is 50% female. In a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, studies show that advancing women’s equality can add up to $12 trillion to global growth. Further, by 2025, if women play an identical role to men in labor markets, as much as $28 trillion could be added to the global annual GDP (McKinsey).

However, despite this critical statistic, only 5.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female, according to Pew Research Center. Data shows diverse teams make better decisions in business. Having men and women at the top allows companies to meet the needs and reflect those who connect with them.

“Responsibility for the success of a company’s diversity/inclusion effort lies with senior management. Seven out of ten companies reported that the buck stops at the C-level and their board of directors”
– Forbes Global Diversity and Inclusion

Positive Change Through the Promotion of Diversity

Credico combats the risk of the “buck stopping”  by promoting women into a variety of decision making roles, such as Vice President of Client Services, Director of Business Intelligence, Chief Legal Officer, Human Resources Director, Client Services Manager, and Operations Controller. However, beyond women in leadership, Credico recognizes the strength in diversifying across the whole organization. Change doesn’t move in one direction, whether top down or bottom up. Change happens when the many threads that weave the social fabric of your organization, community, or environment come together. Credico not only promotes women in leadership but also promotes diversity across departments and roles.

Credico is committed to challenging the status quo. It has long supported a change in attitude surrounding the role of women in business. The organization is confident that women on a leadership team can make a company stronger, and that diversity, in general, can lead to higher performance.