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We’re in the business of making things simple. We’ll do the same for any questions you have along the way, starting with these.

We’re in the business of making things simple. We’ll do the same for any questions you have along the way, starting with these.

Our process

How Does the Credico Business Model Work?

Credico’s ultimate goal is to help increase your sales by being the connection between your products or services and the consumer. Whether it’s through B2B, B2C, events, retail, telesales or digital marketing, we see ourselves as your partner. That means we want to minimize your risk. We don’t charge a single dollar until we deliver results. We believe that outsourced sales should translate to increased sales.

Working with us

What Are the Benefits to Outsourcing my Sales Initiative to Credico?

Expand your sales without expanding your sales department. Credico’s model makes it easy for you. We are experts in outsourced sales and marketing, which we have been focused on since 1991.

Who Benefits from Partnering with Credico?

If you need help with your B2B sales, B2C sales, retail customer acquisition, event marketing or your digital presence, you can turn to Credico. We proudly partner with mid-sized companies all the way up to Fortune 150 companies. What makes us adaptable with any size company is our willingness to work as a partner and our business model. We have your company’s best interest in mind because it directly affects us as well.

Joining the team

What is the corporate culture like?

At Credico, we embrace a culture of collaboration, innovation, and work-life balance. As such, we focus on attracting and retaining the best and brightest achievers who love what they do. We offer challenging and rewarding work, personal development, excellent benefits and an engaging environment.

How Does Credico Support a Healthy Work-Life Balance for its Employees?

Having a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important to Credico. An employee can’t perform their best if they aren’t rejuvenated. Credico offers a healthy amount of vacation time and a number of work from home days to ensure that everyone is at their best.

As an Employee, How Can Credico Help me Develop my Skills?

Our goal at Credico is to help dedicated team members develop to their full potential. Managers make it their goal to work with employees to achieve corporate objectives and professional development goals. You and your manager will discuss and set expectations to ensure that everyone is on the same page from the start. We believe in stretch goals, personal development, and opportunity for growth.

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