Entrepreneurs. Collaborators. Doers.

Entrepreneurs. Collaborators. Doers.


We have a longstanding history of helping our partners achieve their goals, and we didn’t stumble into our global success by accident. None of this would have been possible without the people and processes that make Credico different.

Guided by our values.

Credico is about more than sales numbers and global offices. We believe that having a strong moral compass is key to everything we do. Our values affect not just who we are today, but who we’ll be tomorrow.

Work together

To put it simply, we’re always more than the sum of our parts.

Make a difference

We strive for results in every project we tackle, and pay it forward in our communities whenever we have the chance.

Include everyone

We believe that diversity makes our company stronger. We are committed to supporting and including the full spectrum of humanity.

Embrace change

The world is always changing, and we embrace that by staying agile and innovating around every corner.

Stay hungry

We were born out of an entrepreneurial spirit, and we believe in keeping that spark alive in everything we do.

Treat others well

Ultimately, we’re a people business. The golden rule has been and always will be our true north.

Advancing together.

In our industry, the only way to succeed is together. We believe that applies to our communities as well, which is why we get involved and give back every chance we get.

Philanthropy news

Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon

Little Saint Nick Foundation

Lower East Side Girls Club

Children’s Home + Aid

Mercy Home

Warm Up Chicago

Team Bright Side

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Diversity and Inclusion

Credico is an organization where anyone can succeed based on their merit. As a company where diversity is celebrated, Credico unequivocally condemns any form of racism, sexism, or other discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or age. We view diversity as a source of strength that enriches the impact we make for our clients and in our communities. When we look at our teams, we are proud that brilliant achievers of all backgrounds have selected Credico as their destination company to enhance and grow their careers. We believe in civil rights, equity and equality. We recognize that it is important to uplift and provide access to opportunity for people who are under-represented. We do this through our employment practices and by fostering a work environment that is truly inclusive. Innovative ideas are brought forth by teams with different backgrounds, life experiences and many points of view. Our commitment to diversity is good for business and good for humanity. We are committed to maintaining a diverse work environment that is free of all forms of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment. We believe that all employees should be treated and should treat each other with dignity and respect. We are an equal opportunity employer.