We simplify sales.

We simplify sales.

We connect companies looking to grow with new customers. It’s as simple as that.

It’s all within reach.

Meet sales goals, launch new products, expand into new territory, and push your bottom line to a new level.


Building relationships through B2B

It takes skill and experience to sell to businesses. That’s why our clients turn to Credico, who specializes in building strong, lasting relationships that uplift your brand.


Engaging customers directly

It’s important that consumers know what our clients have to offer and how they can acquire it. We make sure that your products are presented to the right audiences to grow your sales.

Retail + Events

Meeting customers where they are

There’s no better time to interact with a potential customer than when they’re in a buying mood. Credico does that with a professional presence in relevant retail stores. With the large foot traffic experienced by major retailers and events, our clients enjoy a lift in their overall sales through the retail face to face channel.


Driving sales online through digital marketing

Having a digital presence is more important today than ever before. With many people doing most of their shopping online, Credico can bring our client’s products or services to the target customer through a strong online marketing campaign.


Connecting globally

Our world may be massive, but thanks to the internet, it feels smaller every day. With our own offices in four different time zones, we have quite a bit of practice in bringing people together across the globe.

Here’s how we bring you best-in-class results.

1. Collaborate

We pair you with a team devoted to identifying your company’s targets, goals, and challenges. Based on these conversations, we work together to customize a marketing strategy and how it will be executed.

2. Create

We custom create successful campaigns to maximize your product and service visibility.

3. Launch

Once your outsourced sales team is ready to go with objectives, guidelines, and product knowledge, they hit the ground running. Armed with technology, every sales specialist is able to receive campaign updates, sign new customers and authorize contracts in real time.

4. Support

Collaboration continues as we quantify and share results with you throughout the campaign, making adjustments as we all see fit.

Our Services

Each solution we create for our clients is tailored to their unique challenge, but these are the things we do most often.

Outsourced Sales

Outsourced Marketing

Direct Sales

Event Staffing

Retail & Mall


Lead Generation

Sales Consulting

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click

Social Media


Experiential Marketing

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