We care about results as much as you do.

We care about results as much as you do.

We believe in true partnerships, so we built a business model that makes our clients’ success imperative to our success.

What you can expect when you work with us.

Only pay for results

We don’t charge a single dollar until we deliver.

Increased reach

We have an extensive network of sales partners.

High security

Sensitive data is deleted from our system as soon as it’s sent to yours.

Collaboration at every step

From brainstorm to final debrief, we make sure everything is working for you.

Discretion to match your comfort level

We provide seamless continuity between your company and our brand ambassadors.

Quality customers

We actively monitor customer quality metrics in order to deliver customers with an average retention rate of 86%.


Our results speak for themselves.

No matter the industry or challenge, we aim to deliver only the best results for every client we’re fortunate enough to work with.

Words from our clients.

  • "Our partnership with Credico and its network of suppliers has enabled GiveBridge to deliver a large volume of quality monthly donors to some of the largest non-profit organizations in North America. We pride ourselves in working with Brand Ambassadors that are truly passionate and well-versed in having personable conversations about the very important causes we represent. Together, we make a difference in the world and will continue to grow with Credico in the years to come."

  • “Credico has been a fundamental channel for us since we partnered in 2016. The face to face channel is crucial in creating a point of difference to our competitors in a very competitive sector and enables us to reach and facilitate switching for those consumers who wouldn’t ordinarily use a price comparison site. We have saved over £150,000,000 for our customers since channel inception. We aim to continue with this proactive activity and the partnership with Credico for many years to come, looking at expansion from energy saving in to broadband, mobile phone and personal finance sectors. We truly value the collaborative relationship we have with Credico and look forward to growing both of our businesses together in the years to come.”

  • "Our long term partnership with PFS and Credico has been a key part of our strategy in growing and maintaining our essential services. The income we have been able to generate through engaging with potential supporters through face-to-face channels in a professional and sensitive manner has enabled the charity to grow income and enhance our service delivery at a time when many charities in the UK are seeing their income stagnate or decline. It’s not just about raising funds though – the positive conversations we continue to have with millions of people, year on year, provides the reach for our brand and services that we would struggle to realise through other partners and channels. This aspect, alongside the income we are able to generate, and the smooth delivery of the campaigns including data, training and quality assurance, make the PFS/Credico partnership of the utmost importance as we look ahead to the 2020’s."

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