Growth and Expansion

CLIENT: nonprofit organization


April 28, 2020


Case Study, United Kingdom




We partnered with a leading charity supporting U.K. children with a specific disability. The organization provides essential support to thousands of families each year, including advice, education, training, bespoke events, and many other vital services.


Client Need

Donations from the public are a key source of income. Without the support of individual donors, the charity would not be able to maintain or expand its services to meet the needs of its targeted beneficiaries.



In 2014, PFS and Credico commenced testing face-to-face (F2F) activity for the charity across private sites and residential channels with a regular giving proposition designed to deliver long-term sustainable funding to the organization. Growth and expansion objectives were successfully achieved. All aspects of campaign management including planning, creative, territory management, data capture & processing, quality assurance, training, and results analysis were professionally implemented, and have been enhanced since the initial campaigns.

Senior members of the Credico team have also regularly been involved with supporting the charity through individual fundraising efforts and volunteering at events such as the London Marathon, which demonstrates the fantastic partnership that has been built over the past six years.



By engaging with potential supporters through face-to-face channels in a professional and sensitive manner, funds that exceed £50m have been raised over the past six years. This significant amount of funding enabled the charity to grow income and enhance service delivery at a time when many charities in the UK are seeing their income stagnate or decline. It’s not just about raising funds, though. The positive conversations field reps continue to have with millions of people year-on-year provides the reach for brand and services that the organization would struggle to realize through other partners and channels. This aspect, alongside the vital income generated, and the professional delivery of the campaigns, make the PFS/Credico partnership of the utmost importance looking ahead into the 2020s.

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