Helping Consumers Save Money

CLIENT: Fortune 150 company


April 28, 2020


Case Study, United Kingdom



Client Need

To harness the benefits of a more personal and intimate approach by developing a face-to-face program that supports the client’s mission of making it easy for customers to choose the home energy that’s right for them.



In late 2017 Credico launched a retail events campaign for this utility client. The client understood there was ample benefit for the business and its customers in ramping up its face-to-face presence in key retail settings. However, it had been previously unsuccessful in finding the right partner to scale up the approach.

In today’s climate, the client truly understands the importance of helping customers make informed choices about their home energy needs. That’s why it supplies 100% renewable electricity, as well as gas, smart home technology, broadband, and exclusive rewards. As its leading outsourced sales partner, Credico has provided the client with a vehicle by which to ensure its key messaging resonates with customers across the UK.



Credico has been key in elevating the client’s energy retail presence in the UK. Thousands of customers opt to compare their energy with cost-saving options presented by the sales agents every week. Importantly for this client and the industry as a whole, this campaign provides unprecedented access to professional advice and better deals tailored for the most disengaged customers who have never switched suppliers and are needlessly overpaying on the wrong tariffs. Credico and the client are working together to improve the lives of customers in all corners of the UK.


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