Multi-Channel Strategy Execution

CLIENT: mid-market company


February 20, 2020


Case Study, United Kingdom




Our client is one of the UK’s leading comparison sites, working for customers to make sure they get the best deals on a wide range of financial products from home utilities to car insurance.


Client Need

To develop a switching campaign that provides customers with a range of great value propositions and expert advice.



Four years ago, Credico delivered the first face-to-face comparison for this large client in London. Today, the campaign has representatives across all major cities in the UK. Customers are our priority and utilizing Credico’s consultative approach and ability to scale quickly has proved instrumental in allowing the client to provide first-class experiences and services to customers across the nation. Credico helped the client to perfect their multi-channel strategy execution, which includes digital marketing, telesales, and face-to-face.



In the years since our partnership began, Credico has helped the client build the nation’s biggest face-to-face switching operation. In energy alone, over 150,000 customers per year choose to switch their supplier after comparing with one of our representatives. The volume and quality of customer service have helped the client forge key partnerships with the UK’s leading brands, adding further strength and impetus to our face-to-face campaign.

Long-Term Partnership

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