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CLIENT: nonprofit organization


February 20, 2020


Case Study, United Kingdom




Launched in 2014, PFS is a market-leading fundraising agency specializing in the recruitment of individual donors for charities in the UK.


Client Need

To support the delivery of face-to-face (F2F) fundraising programs across a range of channels including private sites, door-to-door, on-street, bespoke events, and telemarketing.

PFS devises campaigns for multiple charities and requires a partner that can deliver the quality recruitment of donors in the field as well as back-office support that provides state-of-the-art data management and analysis.



In 2014 PFS/Credico launched their first charity F2F campaign engaging members of the public with a regular giving proposition designed to generate sustainable income and provide a strong return on investment. Following the success of early testing, PFS was able to devise campaigns for a range of causes including disability, cancer support, animal welfare, children’s services, and more, and begin to develop additional services including market-leading digital data capture and donation options to suit individual needs.

The approach has always been rooted in partnership with strong links to the charities represented to the public. This ensures field agents are trained and motivated to the highest levels and quality assurance is a top priority when maximizing performance and protecting the respective brands of charity clients.



Charity campaigns have achieved a remarkable impact and return since the early days in 2014. As we head through the 2020s, over 700,000 regular supporters have been recruited by PFS/Credico in the UK raising in excess of £100m for charity clients. These fantastic results buck the trend in a challenging environment for fundraising.

The PFS/Credico partnership continues to explore new and innovative ways to engage new supporters and continues to grow the portfolio of charities it can support through F2F and telemarketing activities.

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