In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian businesses appear to laud the talent and expertise of South Africans in the retail and shopper marketing sectors, much to the delight of Credico South Africa.

According to a report from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, South Africa has transformed into a sophisticated manufacturing and service-based economy – with the services industry comprising of about two-thirds of the country’s GDP (Sydney Morning Herald, 2018).

The topic of ‘outsourcing’ business to a different country is a really hot topic at the moment. With a population fluent in spoken English, cultural affinity and a sizeable talent churn from quality universities – South Africa looks set to become the next outsourcing frontier.

While hesitant to comment on the success of the government’s ‘Invest South Africa’ initiative, Credico South Africa do believe it has at least helped further expose many South Africans to some of the world’s biggest brands – a beneficiary that is now being recognised by the international business community.

General Manager of Credico South Africa, Theuns Bezuidenhout believes this comes on the back of the South African ability to understand the importance of connecting with customers in more meaningful ways than via social media, websites or apps, in what is a digitally saturated 2018.

“Consumers’ expectations from brands, both big and small, escalate year in year out, and it’s up to companies to provide engaging brand experiences that are more memorable than an advert that crops up on a social media feed,” states Bezuidenhout. “The talent we have in this country to channel this approach to sales and marketing is truly remarkable,” he concluded.

Credico South Africa are delighted with their track record of providing upmarket outsourced sales and marketing solutions to some of the country’s most well-known brands. With experienced and friendly sales forces, the firm forges personal connections offline in an increasingly online world between clients and consumers.




Sydney Morning Herald (Louis White, 02/05/18)