Credico UK has responded to the results of a recent study, which could see brands completely transform the way they market their products and services.
A recent study released by Havas PR into the impact of memorability on consumer action has revealed some shocking statistics which may call brands to reassess how much they are investing in certain marketing avenues.
The study polled over 2,000 people, examining their recall and trust of a handful of 2018’s brand campaigns. Researchers recorded people’s opinions of the campaigns and the actions they took as a result of the campaigns. It was concluded that consumers recall only 15% of brand campaigns after 60 days, and only 13% of those able to actively remember parts of a campaign are likely to go on to purchase the product or service as a result.
The study also found that being able to remember brand campaigns is integral to market perception; with 38% of people feeling more positively about a brand if they can remember seeing a specific campaign.
Credico UK is concerned that the results of this study reflect the changing nature of how people consume information and the speed at which brands need to position themselves in front of their audiences.
“We’re living in a high consumption world. Information is everywhere, so it’s no wonder consumers are feeling overwhelmed and are unable to fully engage with the majority of brand campaigns,” states a spokesperson from Credico UK. “This is a wake-up call and highlights how, to be memorable, brands need to think beyond traditional marketing. The need to get in front of their audience and offer an experience they won’t forget.”
Moving forward from the research, Credico UK is adamant that experiential event marketing could help brands remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds.
“By meeting consumers one on one, you are creating a personalised narrative, the consumer can control which direction the experience goes, and as a result, every aspect will be relevant to their own needs. It’s hard to forget an engaging conversation, and this is why this form of marketing is so powerful,” concludes Credico UK’s spokesperson.