Nuisance calls have been blighting the reputation of direct marketing methods for decades. Credico UK is voicing its support of new governmental action to crack down on nuisance calls, and is confident that this will have a positive, far-reaching impact on the marketing sector – restoring consumer trust.
The UK Government has just announced tough new powers to end nuisance calls offering consumers the opportunity to ‘opt in’ to receive calls relating to personal injury and PPI claims. Up until now, it has been up to consumers to ‘opt out’ of receiving unsolicited calls by contacting the telephone preference service. However, under the new regulations, callers could face a fine of up to £500,000 if they fail to make necessary checks to ensure they have a consumer’s consent before calling.
In light of the new powers which are now already in effect, the Financial Conduct Authority revealed that in the past 12 months alone 2.7 billion unsolicited calls and texts had been made urging consumers to make a claim. Under the new law, consumers can now report a nuisance call to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which will take action against the caller.
Field marketing agency Credico UK believes the change in law will have a far-reaching impact on customer trust, and improve how consumers view brand outreach.
Operating solely in sourcing in-person marketing methods the agency has witnessed how cold calling from personal injury and PPI companies has blighted the reputation of direct marketing and is positive the new law will help consumers understand the benefits of direct communication.
“When utilised ethically direct marketing provides a platform to put the consumer’s wellbeing and needs first; so that brands can tailor their experience and provide a service or product that enriches their lives. Somewhere along the way, this has been lost, and nuisance calls and emails have, for many consumers, become the face of direct marketing. This new law is a great first step in building consumer trust back up and promoting the benefits of direct customer communication,” outlines a spokesperson from Credico UK.