Outsourcing the sales function of a business can often be an overlooked tactic when it comes to expanding sales efforts into new markets. But Credico UK has spent the last 25 years dominating this space, and with Brexit’s instability making many businesses nervous, their almost -risk-free sales services are in high demand.
“We have an established client list who have worked with us for years, but we have found over the last 18 months an increase in interest for our services. During times of uncertainty, businesses seek innovation but want it delivered securely. Our performance-based outsourced sales service is perfect for that as we can deliver results quickly with minimal risk to our clients.” says Ian Attwood.
For businesses looking to expand their sales into new markets or rapidly increase their rates of customer acquisition, outsourcing is often the most effective solution in terms of both cost and ROI. 
Credico UK has proven this by supporting businesses across the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa through their outsourcing services.  
Brexit and the recent UK Election has rendered the outlook across the UK. However, this works to Credico UK’s advantage as many companies benefit by partnering with the sales agency who are specialists who understand the risks and has a proven track record of delivering results, in both products or services.
There are several obstacles facing businesses when they look to expand their sales into new locations, including recruiting the right salesforce and investing in the whole setup process. This is why outsourcing to a specialist agency can prove so valuable, as it removes these problems.
“A lack of skills, resources or even understanding around that whole front-end sales process, how to build out the cadences and create new opportunities.  Our skill is accelerating growth. We have a blueprint and have rolled out campaigns for clients across various industries, so we know it works, and we have the network to be able to do it quickly across multiple territories.” States Credico UK, Director, Ian Attwood.
To learn more about Credico UK’s services, please visit their website: http://www.credico.uk.com