Debbie Shaw is the Financial Operations Manager and Events Manager and manages the financial records of Credico United Kingdom, a role that allows her organizational and time management skills to shine. Debbie also independently manages the planning, scheduling, production, execution and marketing of all events and award ceremonies for Credico UK and Ireland. Her ability to, develop and maintain excellent relationships with venues, sponsors, and keynote speakers while managing the unexpected with ease has made her an invaluable part of the Credico team. Debbie has also been a valuable asset for Credico’s worldwide event planning. She has contributed to venue sourcing, contracting, and operational management of events throughout the USA, South Africa, Australia and Europe. Debbie has worked in the industry since 1990 in Australia and the UK in a variety of different roles, from Field Sales, Administration and Hub Management to Director of Operations. As Credico has expanded, Debbie has had the pleasure of traveling to a number of Countries whilst organizing the Credico International Seminars and Award Ceremonies, including Australia, South Africa, USA and Spain.