3 Ways Businesses Can Celebrate Black History Month Every Month

Every February, we reflect, remember, and honor the history, legacy, and culture of Black people who helped shape America.


February 1, 2024


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The history of Black History Month is a rich one. It’s the story of a people who have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and undeniable influence. Black History Month is worthy of celebrating. Recognizing the illustrious achievers, doers, and dreamers of the African Diaspora is incredibly inspiring. What was once Negro History Week, Black History Month has expanded to become a nationwide celebration since 1976. This year, we reflect, remember, and honor the history, legacy, and culture of Black people who helped shape America and the world from February 1 through March 1.

Since our inception in 1991, we have always commemorated Black History Month. That’s because we are an organization that celebrates and recognizes individuals based on merit. We take pride in the fact that we are a company where anyone can succeed and a place where diversity is promoted and celebrated; we are thrilled to honor the many achievements of our talented African American colleagues throughout our company’s and our nation’s history during Black History Month.

Every Black History Month, we aim to ensure that we are empowering, employing, and investing in our diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts. We do this in several ways, but these three points guide how we approach the month in a way that is true to who we are and respectful of the history and the souls connected to it. We welcome Black History Month as a time to have conversations and to check in with our team and leadership to ensure we are continuing to elevate minority groups and give them access to opportunities. Here are three ways your business can do the same.


#1. Empower them

Throughout America’s history and Credico’s three decades of simplifying sales, individuals and teams with varied origin stories, life experiences, and perspectives have pioneered groundbreaking ideas and solutions. By empowering them to share their unique experiences, we provide them with the chance to have their voices heard and collaborate with our organization to strengthen and sustain it.


#2. Employ ethically

Maintaining a diverse work environment should be free from any form of discrimination. At Credico, we know all employees should treat each other with dignity and respect. We take pride in being an equal-opportunity employer who upholds civil rights, equity, and equality. We recognize the importance of diversity in promoting a healthy business environment and a better society. Therefore, our hiring procedures strive to promote an inclusive workplace that values and respects individual differences.


#3. Invest in the community

Credico’s mission is not solely focused on global presence and sales figures but on upholding strong moral values. Our values are critical in shaping who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow. That’s why we have a dedicated Community Service Committee whose job is to ensure we are consistently investing in our community, as we believe in the importance of giving back.

We are proud to empower youth of color and have been supporting nonprofit organizations that promote a thriving community for several years. These nonprofits do critical work in our communities in areas as wide-ranging as cancer research and patient support to everyday school supplies. Throughout the year, we partner with various organizations to give back to the community because we were once young and in need of nurturing, and the community invested in us.

Black History Month is the ideal time to reevaluate how your business is really doing. Take the opportunity to focus on what’s going well and leverage your influence in the community to be good stewards of the reward of business ownership. It’s a time to reflect on the past while ensuring that today and tomorrow will be better, brighter, and more equitable because your business empowers, employs, and invests in your diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts.

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