Credico South Africa Celebrates 2023

In celebration of another successful year, Credico South Africa gathered in December for a themed summer celebration.


December 27, 2023


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Credico South Africa held their annual year-end celebration on Saturday, 2 December 2023. The theme was Barbie and Ken Malibu Pool Party, and of course, the weather was perfect! The setting was even better; it was held at the Steyn City Lagoon in Johannesburg. Bringing the best of the coast right into the city, the resort offers everything you might need to make your job “beach.”

The d├ęcor transported everyone into Barbie Land, and the group arrived looking the part. Everyone made an effort to look festive and fit in with the theme, transforming from a serious office environment to an end-of-year celebration.

There was time to relax and enjoy the pedalos and delicious ice creams before starting with the formalities. Once everyone had arrived and settled in, Credico South Africa’s CEO, Peter van den Berg, welcomed the group and ran through the year’s highlights. He thanked everyone for their valuable contributions to the successful year that Credico SA experienced in 2023, one of their best years so far.

The Credico SA family grew by 29 staff members this year, and there have been 18 promotions within the company over the last year. Further, the Credico family also welcomed seven new babies during the year. In recognition of their efforts, three Five Year Service Awards were given to Clive Sithole, Didi Mothale, and Phindile Mjaja. Additionally, two 10-year service awards were presented to Marilyn Chauke and Sibusiso Buthelezi. And finally, the coveted Employee of the Year was presented to a very deserving Gary Collins, who received a prize as well as a framed certificate of recognition.

Credico South Africa recognizes Gary Collins as 2023 Employee of the Year, Marilyn Chauke and Sibusiso Buthelezi for ten years of service, and Clive Sithole, Didi Mothale, and Phindile Mjaja for five years of service. Thank you for all your hard work!

In total, nine Five-Year Service Awards and two Ten-Year Service Awards have been presented throughout 2023, proving that Credico is a company that values and retains its staff.

In the spirit of the festive season, everyone at the year-end function enjoyed a surprise Secret Santa gift in addition to Credico’s annual employee gifts.

The results of the 2023 Credico Climate Survey were also presented, indicating that morale is high and staff outlook is overwhelmingly positive. With an overall rating of 4.67 out of 5, employees have an even better opinion of the company than 2022’s rating of 4.2. Furthermore, 98% feel good about their continued employment, and 98% would also recommend working at Credico to others. Digging into the details, the upward trend continues: 17 out of the 18 measurables surveyed saw an improvement in 2023.

Once the formalities were complete, it was time to enjoy a delicious Greek-style lunch where staff could make their own delicious gyros. And then the true celebration began! Peter van den Berg’s son, Adrian, served as DJ, keeping the mood upbeat all day. Attendees were free to enjoy the amenities around the lagoon, as some went swimming and slipped down waterslides while others paddled around on SUPs or in pedal boats. And, of course, the gorgeous day was also perfect for simply soaking up the sun and enjoying cocktails, conversation, and laughter.

2023 has definitely been a year for celebration, and everyone enjoyed this memorable year-end function.

Credico South Africa wishes everyone a wonderful festive year and holiday season! May next year be even more successful, and may each staff member continue their valuable contributions to our ongoing success.

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