New Long-Term Customer Loyalty Statistics You Should Know

Are you having a hard time building your long-term customer loyalty? These statistics might help you figure out where you might be having a problem.


February 21, 2019


Press Release, United Kingdom

Field marketing agency Credico UK is keen to promote how a poor customer service experience can impact a brand. It’s essential for companies to understand how offering quality in-person experiences is more important than ever.

While it’s no secret that positive brand experiences directly influence customer happiness, new research released by Qualtrics has outlined just how damaging poor experiences can be on customer loyalty metrics.

Qualtrics Retail Pain Index reported that 75% of customers would cut ties with a retailer due to a poor experience. The Index outlined rude employees, higher-than-expected prices, and disorganized stores as the driving forces behind seeking out alternative brands. Positive brand experiences were found to be influenced by opportunities to get out of the house and experience a brand in person and having the freedom to test and interact with products.


Providing a Direct Connection

“Not only does the Index highlight just how damaging poor customer experiences can be on a retailer, but it also shows that consumers are actively seeking out opportunities to connect with a brand and its products in person,” outlines a spokesperson for Credico UK. “This is a clear call to action for brands to step up their game and create more interactive offline experiences, through which they can form meaningful, long-lasting connections with their consumers.”

Credico UK is pleased the Qualtrics Index is finally putting statistics alongside the long-understood fact that positive experiences drive brand loyalty. The agency is now encouraging UK retailers to create more opportunities for face-to-face customer service through product demonstrations and well organized, eye-catching in-store promotions. By alerting more brands to the results of the Index, the agency is hopeful that retailers will continue to invest in immersive experiences and improved in-person services to deliver the experiences customers are after in 2019.

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