Credico UK: The Rise of CX in Non-Digital Businesses

Customer experience, also known as CX, is becoming more and more important in non-digital businesses. Credico UK goes over what you need to know about CX for your non-digital business.


December 22, 2019


Press Release, United Kingdom

Credico UK knows that the customer experience has always been important.

Over the past couple of years, businesses have started paying extra attention to their customer experience strategy (CX), making it a hot trend for marketers. CX is not just for digital brands; it is a very real metric to which all businesses should be paying attention.

Of course, it isn’t without challenges, and Credico UK addresses a key area that should be considered from a business perspective.

“When something goes wrong for a customer, they want more humanity and for a brand to offer a personalised resolution. The inability to offer a high standard of customer service at this crucial point in a customer’s journey is risky and could leave customers feeling dissatisfied that their issue wasn’t fully resolved,” outlines Ian Attwood, Director at Credico UK.

A great customer experience evokes positive feelings and emotions, which leads to happy, satisfied customers and increased loyalty. It also helps businesses stand out from the competition. It is quickly becoming a more important differentiator than product or price, especially in industries that are heavily regulated.

In a study of 10,000 consumers, Tempkin Group found that 86% of those who received a great customer experience were likely to repurchase from the same company. This is compared to just 13% of those who received a poor CX.

The prominence of CX has increased over the last five years. As Credico UK has observed, businesses are really looking into the correlations between customer experience, client retention and increased revenue.

As customer experience continues to dominate the conversation in marketing, research can be carried out to identify how the strategy can be implemented into different stages of the customer journey and measured accordingly.

Credico UK also points to PwC research in revealing that 60% of consumers would drop a brand after just a few sub-par experiences. The field sales agency stresses the importance of the experience prospects and customers are receiving should be a top priority for success in the coming years.

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