Examining How Long Customers Will Be Loyal to Your Brand

Retaining your customers' long-term loyalty is a two-way street: a shared responsibility of transparency, consideration, honesty, and good communication.


June 19, 2024


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Many people strive to uncover the secret to lasting relationships. This pursuit is driven by the admiration and aspiration for enduring connections. Whether it’s a lifelong friendship, a successful marriage, or a fruitful partnership, these relationships are the epitome of human achievement. Yet, the reality is that maintaining such relationships is no easy task. It requires continuous effort and investment. Maintaining these relationships over long periods means you’re a vital part of each other’s lives.

Forming, being in, and maintaining relationships is a skill. Admittedly, it is a skill that only a few people have. Some are good with connecting with people but not sustaining the connection. While some have mastered the art of meeting, connecting, and maintaining relationships for years. This same concept of relationship building is evident in business relationships as well. Some businesses are great at acquiring new customers but can’t keep them longer. Other businesses can attract, develop, connect, engage, and sustain customers for years, if not for decades and even generations.

If you’re in business and want to understand how long customers will remain loyal to your brand, you’re not alone. Many new and established businesses are trying to figure out how to attract and retain customers’ loyalty over time. There are several factors to consider in understanding the duration of customer loyalty to a business’s brand and how this loyalty is established. Research shows that 71.5% of customers in the United Kingdom are loyal to the same brand in comparison to 65.5% of global shoppers. That’s reassuring! However, since 64% say that they will abandon a brand due to poor service, we know that providing a consistent customer experience is one of the answers to this question.

Customer loyalty is about the consistent positive experiences between both the customer and the brand. When businesses provide a personalized experience that helps to secure the relationship, one thing about relationships is knowing that the person you’re in a relationship with cares makes all the difference. This is what leads to the emotional connection between your customer and brand, which is more valuable in business than just a customer who likes your brand. It’s comparable to an acquaintance vs a best friend. The bond between best friends is different because of their history and emotional ties. That’s the goal even in business.

We understand that reward programs, gamification, and the element of surprise contribute to brand loyalty. However, there is no precise data on how long a customer will be loyal to a brand. What we do know is that certain industries have higher customer retention rates. For example, in the UK, the media and professional services industries (such as marketing, advertising, accounting, and law) have the highest customer loyalty/retention rate at 84%, financial services at 78%, and banking at 75% customer loyalty. The hospitality, travel, and restaurant industries have the lowest brand loyalty rate at 55%, and retail at 63%.

At Credico, we believe that customers will be loyal to your brand as long as you are loyal to them. This mutual loyalty is a shared responsibility, just like in any other relationship. Transparency, consideration, kindness, honesty, and good communication skills lead to loyalty. Similarly, fostering good relationships with your employees is crucial, as they are the primary contact with your customers. Ensuring your sales representatives are emotionally connected and satisfied with their jobs strengthens your brand’s relationship with your customers.

Let us help your business understand how long customers will be loyal to your brand. We answer this age-old question through our outsourced sales expertise and exceptional sales strategies tailored to help you attract and retain customers.

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